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How does it work?

Contest 111 is the platform that rewards the most loved painters and photographers with a prize pool of €111.000,00 for the overall winner and two €5.000,00 category prizes. You also immediately earn 50% of the shares collected from the votes of your fans.

A virtual gallery of artworks, open 24/7, visible to all art lovers, all over the world: you can free up some time to focus on your art and get in touch with your community and the most innovative art galleries.

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Sign up in advance and immediately receive a super bonus of €20,00 to be used between 25 and 31 July to enter the contest.

Not just a bonus

​​In addition to the prize, all painters and photographers who register for the competition have the opportunity to:

- compete also for the €5.000,00 category prizes for best photographer and best painter -

- exhibit their works, physically or online, in the Five Gallery of Lugano -

- access to webinars held by high profile personalities from the art world such as Andrea Del Guercio, former Director of the Schools of Painting, Coordinator of the Institute of Theory and History of Art and Board Member of the Academy of Fine Arts of Brera -

- subscribe to the Contest 111 Facebook community to get in touch with thousands of artists all over the world -

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On Contest 111, it’s the passion that drives the community of true art lovers: there are no rankings based on popularity or algorithms to follow and we are very careful to maintain a relaxed atmosphere, free from hate speech.

100% reputation

Together with the artists, galleries are the heart of Contest 111: each work is observed and evaluated and has the opportunity to be included in the most prestigious galleries in the world.

100% worth

If you enter the competition, you can join the Contest 111 Facebook Community, participate for free in training with the creative and entrepreneurial stars of the art world and you can exhibit your works at the Five Gallery in Lugano.

Furthermore, if you sign up today you will receive a

€20,00 super bonus

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The terms and conditions to be accepted for the contest will be published on the opening day of registration.

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Contest 111 is open to painters and photographers, amateurs and professionals, from all over the world. There is no age limit / Participants must be at least 18 years of age.

The online application process, through the Contest 111 platform, requires artists to upload digital images or videos of their works. No need to send the physical works.

Artists are required to pay an entrance fee of €111,00 for registering and uploading one artwork. More works can be presented, up to a maximum of 5 per artist. Each additional work requires the payment of an additional €9,00. Artists have the opportunity to reduce this cost by collecting 50% of the value of each vote they get with their works of art. Votes can range from €1,00 to €5,00.

The main prize of €111.000,00 is awarded to the overall winner of the two categories. There are also two prizes of €5.000,00 awarded to the winners of the single category, painting and photography.

The works that, at the end of the Contest, will have collected the greatest value from the online public win. Users can assign to each work only one vote of a value of their choice, from €1,00 to €5,00.

By uploading their artworks to Contest 111, artists enter the contest to win €111.000,00. In addition, for each vote, each user pays a fee of between €1,00 and €5,00 to the platform and the artist earns 50% of the amount paid by the fans.

Artists who submit their works to Contest 111 confirm that they hold all intellectual property rights, respect copyright laws and upload only original works of art. The authors also agree that their works will be used in any advertising material – printed or online, about the Contest. The author will be awarded photographic credits.

Artists can share their participation in Contest 111 across all their channels, invite people to join the platform to vote for them and increase their chances of winning the €111.000,00 prize pool.

You will receive a bank transfer within 60 days from the end of the Contest. The prize is kept in a trust fund at the Banca dello Stato del Canton Ticino.

With PayPal and the most important credit card circuits.

If an artist uploads multiple works, the votes will not add up. The competition and voting take place between the individual works, so it will be the single work of art to compete with all the others and the most voted will win.

Contest coordinator: Unique Web SRL a socio unico – Via Isonzo 94, 22066 – Mariano Comense (CO)

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